Nerd Bait Comes Alive!

See the sounds! Hear the images! Smell the blood! Feel the laughs! (Really — people laughed! At the funny bits!) Gag at the “dancing”! Here’s the March 2 live performance of “The Treacherous Brain” for Illicit Ink’s Underground Night at The Bongo Club.

The sound is OK but you can see the gushing blood for your own amusement! If you want to hear the music (I didn’t write it or sing it, but you really do — Ricky) check out the studio versions of each track and the whole shebang in  our earlier posts.

Special thanks to Myra for coming along and utilizing the Steadihand(TM) she brought specially.


Nerd Bait


One thought on “Nerd Bait Comes Alive!

  1. Way to go! With the video I finally couldn’t hold back the tears at the end. The music is so beautiful, Paul and Stephanie. Ricky I hope your work brings light-heartedness and tender joy to those who might need it. It’s a generous gift to share your vulnerability. Thank you!

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