The Treacherous Brain — Studio Version

If you weren’t able to make it to Illicit Ink’s Underground night at The Bongo Club — or if you were, but want to savour Steph and The Professor’s music in its full beauty and complexity — here’s the full studio version of The Treacherous Brain. Ricky recommends that you listen to the whole thing — his favourite track is the emotional finalé, Yes Ricky.

But if you’re a fan of, say, the impossibly catchy Brain Herniation, here’s easy access to each of the tracks:

The collective hopes you enjoy!


3 thoughts on “The Treacherous Brain — Studio Version

  1. I have listened to “Yes, Ricky” three times on this site. Each time I listen the music penetrates to deeper and deeper parts of my heart. It reminds me there is no end to a human being’s ability to feel. Paul Walker is a huge talent with an enormous heart. I look forward to more collaborations from you three!

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