The Gospel of the Unicerosaurus

Prof Paul writes….

Hi, Friends of NerdBait!

Our new piece, The Gospel of the Unicerosaur, is our most exciting and ambitious work to date. We are really excited to share it with you.

So, let’s just cut to the chase… If you want to skip the part where you don’t read our posts, and instead get right to the part where you don’t listen to our new music, you can start by hearing The Gospel of Unicerosaur either on vimeo (recommended: with lyrics)

or on SoundCloud (for audio only)

But, so much to say about this bit! Let’s start with some mechanics.

Once again, our friends at Illicit Ink invited us to participate in their Edinburgh Science Festival show (you can hear our show from last year here).

This year, the show was an imaginary support/discussion group for dinosaurs which had been classified or otherwise science-d out of existence. For those of you not following dino-science regularly, a lot of discoveries of dinosaurs don’t stand the test of further science. Kind of like Pluto, but with fewer happy endings.

‘How about “dwarf dog”? “Dog-oid”?’

So, brontosaurus doesn’t exist (although it may again (or may not)). The concept and conceit of Linnaean Limbo was to tell the stories of debunked dinosaurs from their own point of view!

We, of course, picked a rather non-traditional character, the Unicerosaurus, one of the three “dinosaurs” which were “discovered” by creation scientist Carl Baugh. This is all true – you can read it on his wikipedia page.

“Just don’t accidentally write a book for a 15-minute musical!” – Wurdz Boi Ricky

So we set out to do a show narrated from the point of view of a mad, messianic non-dinosaur imagined by a science-denying creationist. That sounds right up our alley!

So now what’s in the influence soup for this show? Well there’s two parts to influence. What’s up with us and what’s up with the world.

With us:

  • All three of us have a lot going on which amount to “really positive but rather consuming changes in our circumstances”.
  • Ricky was feeling like increasing his performance load after the Swimming Song rap.
  • We wanted to get away from the “Stephanie and Paul do music / Ricky reads / repeat” format.

With the world:

  • We’ve all been listening to Hamilton on basically continuous loop. You should be doing this too.
  • Keith Emerson died, so Paul was thinking a lot about big long swaths of prog rock.
  • There’s lots of bombastic and ridiculous dialog happening in both our countries.
Nah, dude. BOMbastic.

So, Hey, there we go! Let’s write a continuous 15 minute rap/rant by a rhyming fake messianic dinosaur, coupled with Stephanie singing angelic parts, performed as a single long song a la Hamilton and ELP (except nowhere near as good as Hamilton), and see if it works.

And, Whoo, boy! do we think it worked.

We really recommend you watch the video version of the show. The words are so dense and important, and seeing them fit to the music is key/

Anyway, we hope you listen, enjoy, and let us know what you think. And hope you all have a peaceful and healthy spring and summer with your friends and family!

From your friends at Nerd Bait!

Thanks to Sarah Thewlis and Chris Scott at Illicit Ink who helped pull the entire show together, and an extra thanks to Chris, whose careful edits and feedback on our video were really useful.


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