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New Track — Density Ropes

Six days into the new year, and the second track of Nerd Bait’s Das Liederbuch emerges.

The Prof explains:

Density Ropes arose through a rather convoluted path. I went to an evening presented by the astronomy department of a university in town, and there was a talk about the large scale structure of the universe, where density of matter is really non-uniform. 

Anyway, I wrote a comment on Wurdz Boy’s blog about it ( and he liked a few of the turns of phrase, especially “Even the universe sort of only gets one shot at it basically,” and then turned it into a poem. And then I turned it into a song. And then The Brain turned it into a song people would want to listen to. Et voilà! Collaboration at its finest!

We’re really happy with this one. Hope you listen, and we would love your feedback.


The Bonfire — An Appreciation, Pt. 2

After Wurdz Boy Ricky Ballboy wrote his appreciation of the first entry in Nerd Bait’s Brooklinburgh Liederbuch, our composer and multi-instrumentalist Professor Paul delivered the following additional thoughts to Ricky’s site. We hope you find them enlightening.

But first, a reminder of what The Bonfire sounds like, with Science Steph providing the vocals, as always:

OK. Have at it, Prof . . . . Continue reading The Bonfire — An Appreciation, Pt. 2

The Bonfire — An Appreciation

[This post first appeared on Wurdz Boy’s personal blog,]

So. I’ve got an admission to make….

This stroke survivor is in a band.

Oi! You’ve spelled “ROMANTIC PASTORAL STROKE” wrong!!

I think Nerd Bait was first described on here as a “Six-Legged Collaborative Creative Collective”, and that is about the size of it. But that appellation was also a reflexively defensive way not to say “band”.

Yes, we’re an odd kind of modern, transatlantic, virtual iteration of a band, but that’s no excuse. The Dave Matthews Band is a pile of shit, and they’ve got “Band” IN THEIR NAME.

[Scroll down for the new Nerd Bait track, The Bonfire — gives it FIVE STARS!!!] Continue reading The Bonfire — An Appreciation