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Unicorn Advent Calendar – Windows 1-4

Hi, folks! Wurdz Boi here.

If you follow @NerdBaitBand on the Tweetie Box, you’ll be aware that we are doing a new show alongside a group of really entertaining storytellers and artists at the Edinburgh International Festival on Monday, April 4. It’s going to be the maddest, most ambitious thing we’ve done yet. And I’ve performed a self-trephination live on stage before!

If you don’t follow us on Twitter, you’ve missed the first four boxes in the Countdown to Unicerosaurus Advent Calendar. But, fear not…

Oi! That thing's sharp!
#1/7: Has your ego been wounded by a palaeontologist?

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Nerd Bait’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 6

Have a quick read of this and click through for a FREE DOWNLOAD of Nerd Bait’s album Greatest Hits Vol. 6, together with artwork and exclusive liner notes. 

As intimated in Wurdz Boi’s blog last week, the Edinburgh Festival is over for 2015. Now he’s reminiscing about all the fun he had during August. We’ll let him take over the story before handing over to Professor Paul.

Sian sez
Wurdz Boi having fun. During August. (Photo credits: Chris Scott, @chrisdonia)

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New Music – Apollo 21

Hi, everyone. The Prof is back to pull back the curtain on genius once again. Here he is on the soundtrack for Illicit Ink‘s Apollo 21 at the Edinburgh International Science Festival – but being too modest to mention his star turn as Ground Control….

A sensory massage for your brain

Hey Friends,

New music news! We have a chunk of somewhat more modern stuff from Nerd Bait!

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