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New Track — Density Ropes

Six days into the new year, and the second track of Nerd Bait’s Das Liederbuch emerges.

The Prof explains:

Density Ropes arose through a rather convoluted path. I went to an evening presented by the astronomy department of a university in town, and there was a talk about the large scale structure of the universe, where density of matter is really non-uniform. 

Anyway, I wrote a comment on Wurdz Boy’s blog about it ( and he liked a few of the turns of phrase, especially “Even the universe sort of only gets one shot at it basically,” and then turned it into a poem. And then I turned it into a song. And then The Brain turned it into a song people would want to listen to. Et voilà! Collaboration at its finest!

We’re really happy with this one. Hope you listen, and we would love your feedback.


The Bonfire — An Appreciation, Pt. 2

After Wurdz Boy Ricky Ballboy wrote his appreciation of the first entry in Nerd Bait’s Brooklinburgh Liederbuch, our composer and multi-instrumentalist Professor Paul delivered the following additional thoughts to Ricky’s site. We hope you find them enlightening.

But first, a reminder of what The Bonfire sounds like, with Science Steph providing the vocals, as always:

OK. Have at it, Prof . . . . Continue reading The Bonfire — An Appreciation, Pt. 2

The Bonfire — An Appreciation

[This post first appeared on Wurdz Boy’s personal blog,]

So. I’ve got an admission to make….

This stroke survivor is in a band.

Oi! You’ve spelled “ROMANTIC PASTORAL STROKE” wrong!!

I think Nerd Bait was first described on here as a “Six-Legged Collaborative Creative Collective”, and that is about the size of it. But that appellation was also a reflexively defensive way not to say “band”.

Yes, we’re an odd kind of modern, transatlantic, virtual iteration of a band, but that’s no excuse. The Dave Matthews Band is a pile of shit, and they’ve got “Band” IN THEIR NAME.

[Scroll down for the new Nerd Bait track, The Bonfire — gives it FIVE STARS!!!] Continue reading The Bonfire — An Appreciation

Orchestral Manoeuvres

So, all six legs of the collective were in the same room last week. And we thought, “Since we’re here, why not get in a full orchestra to fill out the emotional finalé of The Treacherous Brain?”

The Professor wasn’t sure we could get the kettle drums past the couch, but when we moved the brass onto the deck, the acoustics worked out remarkably well.

Hear for yourselves:

Get your hankies out. I don’t think Ricky’s gonna get through this one….

The Treacherous Brain — Studio Version

If you weren’t able to make it to Illicit Ink’s Underground night at The Bongo Club — or if you were, but want to savour Steph and The Professor’s music in its full beauty and complexity — here’s the full studio version of The Treacherous Brain. Ricky recommends that you listen to the whole thing — his favourite track is the emotional finalé, Yes Ricky.

But if you’re a fan of, say, the impossibly catchy Brain Herniation, here’s easy access to each of the tracks:

The collective hopes you enjoy!