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The Gospel of the Unicerosaurus

Prof Paul writes….

Hi, Friends of NerdBait!

Our new piece, The Gospel of the Unicerosaur, is our most exciting and ambitious work to date. We are really excited to share it with you.

So, let’s just cut to the chase… Continue reading The Gospel of the Unicerosaurus


Wrong Word Write Time — Studio Versions

If you weren’t able to make it to our last appearance at Illicit Ink’s Underground night at The Bongo Club — or if you were, but want to savour Steph and The Professor’s music in its full beauty and complexity — here’s the full studio version of Wrong Word Write Time.

Ricky recommends that you listen to the whole thing, but we’ve also included the individual songs: the signature Intro; the song for (smoking) kids, Moon Zoom Zoo; the emotional centrepiece, Moonbeams; the face-melting finalé Pete’s Pa; and whatever the heck The Waffle Song is.

Stay tuned for one-off tracks, and Das Brooklinburgh Liederbuch and The Last Days Of The Prussian Empire!


Nerd Bait

Wrong Word Write Time Live

Wurdz Boy was super-nervous performing Wrong Word Write Time without a net and the rest of Nerd Bait. But fortunately, there was no resisting Steph’s vocals and Prof Paul’s sounds and animations. Another good response from the crowd at Illicit Ink Underground at Edinburgh’s Bongo Club.

Here’s the evidence, thanks again to Myra’s patented Steadihand(TM). A trip to the moon! Smoking kids! No dancing by the Prof and Wurdz Boy! Enjoy!

Wrong Word Write Time live from NerdBaitBand on Vimeo.

They’re Ba-ack!

A lead single, a rhythmic rap, some tinkling in a smoke-filled jazz-opera club, avant synth noise, and… whatever the hell The Waffle Song is. What does it all mean?

It means Nerd Bait will be premiering their latest short-form musical, Wrong Word Write Time (about a US Air Force pilot suffering the effects of aphasia) as part of Illicit Ink’s Underground night at The Bongo Club on Sunday, 4 May at The Bongo Club in Edinburgh.

Please come, tell your friends, and please share and tweet this link. Thanks!

It's gonna be face-meltingly good.
No! A car crash! It’s going to be a car crash!

The Collaboration Collaborates

Ricky, who does our wurdz, recently asked some bloggers, friends and creative types to join him in a co-operative wee endeavour. The request was that

each of us write a piece on the theme of “Collaboration”. As short as you like (even just a couple of sentences). But no more than, say, 300 words. From whatever angle you like.

“I’m killing your brain like a poisonous mushroom.”

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