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Nerd Bait’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 6

Have a quick read of this and click through for a FREE DOWNLOAD of Nerd Bait’s album Greatest Hits Vol. 6, together with artwork and exclusive liner notes. 

As intimated in Wurdz Boi’s blog last week, the Edinburgh Festival is over for 2015. Now he’s reminiscing about all the fun he had during August. We’ll let him take over the story before handing over to Professor Paul.

Sian sez
Wurdz Boi having fun. During August. (Photo credits: Chris Scott, @chrisdonia)

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New Music – Apollo 21

Hi, everyone. The Prof is back to pull back the curtain on genius once again. Here he is on the soundtrack for Illicit Ink‘s Apollo 21 at the Edinburgh International Science Festival – but being too modest to mention his star turn as Ground Control….

A sensory massage for your brain

Hey Friends,

New music news! We have a chunk of somewhat more modern stuff from Nerd Bait!

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They’re Ba-ack!

A lead single, a rhythmic rap, some tinkling in a smoke-filled jazz-opera club, avant synth noise, and… whatever the hell The Waffle Song is. What does it all mean?

It means Nerd Bait will be premiering their latest short-form musical, Wrong Word Write Time (about a US Air Force pilot suffering the effects of aphasia) as part of Illicit Ink’s Underground night at The Bongo Club on Sunday, 4 May at The Bongo Club in Edinburgh.

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It's gonna be face-meltingly good.
No! A car crash! It’s going to be a car crash!

The Treacherous Brain — Studio Version

If you weren’t able to make it to Illicit Ink’s Underground night at The Bongo Club — or if you were, but want to savour Steph and The Professor’s music in its full beauty and complexity — here’s the full studio version of The Treacherous Brain. Ricky recommends that you listen to the whole thing — his favourite track is the emotional finalé, Yes Ricky.

But if you’re a fan of, say, the impossibly catchy Brain Herniation, here’s easy access to each of the tracks:

The collective hopes you enjoy!